Valentine Day Nails

Before I came back to Singapore, I decided to do my nails at Sarinasnail again. 
Truth is, I also wanted nice nails before going to Kinosaki Onsen. 

As Valentine Day is around the corner and Chinese New year is not really celebrated in Japan, I decided to go for a more sweet chocolate design. I didn't really want it to be too loud too and Sarina didn't have the strawberry stickers I wanted so I went for a more simple design. So this is the final outcome of my gelish nails.  

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I went for a more pastel pink with a little sugar sprinkle look with an effect of white chocolate dripping over. I also opted for a pink heart with chocolate drizzle.  For the 3 pastel pink nails, I also opted it for it to be matted to make it look like chocolate. 

So the next part of this post shall be some sample ideas that you may like for your valentine day~ 
To complete that look with sweet nails. 
These pictures that I took from Instagram, is what I feel that will fit Larmekei. The trend this year follows on to be chocolate drizzles with either pastel, brown and of course red hearts. 

All credit and rights belong to the respective owners in the Instagram pictures. 

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For more pictures you can Instagram search "#バレンタむンネむル"

To every girl in love out there~ Hope you have a wonderful Valentine Day. 
If everything goes wrong, well at least you have awesome nails that you can use to scratch the guy's eye ball out. :3 


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