Wednesday, 15 March 2017

KCS Medical Group : Aesthetics Specialist

Is been quite sometime since I blogged about my skincare for my face as the last one was about DRx Clinic. Is already been a long while since I used Drx products and I also updated on that post regarding my visits and experience with them in the end. Like I have mentioned in the blog post, Drx did help me for a period of time, but the end services put me off.
My face was pretty alright after I used their product and I felt that I didn't need to change it, but only felt that it was a too expensive. The one thing I really wanted to get rid of was a keloid scar that is on my left chin. Sadly the injection from DRx didn't quite work and I went to ask for recommendation else where. 

   My friend told me about KCS Medical and that there is high review about it. So I went to take a look for my scar. Well, long story turns short, I ended up going for my entire face, which includes acne, pores and pigmentation. 

Is already been some time since my first visit to KCS and till today, I am still with them. The products have shown great improvement in maintaining my skin and improving it. Which I feel there is no reason to change. 

If you read my other blog post, you will know that face had really bad acne in the past and I was trying to get rid of it. When I left DRx and went to KCS, the doctor who is Dr Chua told me that you wanted to clear my skin first as it is still prone to acne. So I bought the acne skin care set first.

Note: This was taken in 2011, My face always have been like this when I have breakout and I have a lot of scars remaining. Not forgetting really big pores. 

The photo below is early 2016 when I already with them for more than a year. 

Still trying to maintain, keeping my pores in check and lighten the pigmentation. 


The thing that helped my skin to clear up this nicely was because of Oratane. Close to Nimegen which is another pill that I use to take when I was a teen that was for acne. I took it for around 6 - 7 month and the doctor told me I could stop taken it regularly and only take it when I need to. So for close to a year and a half. I have not been depending on this pill and so far the results has been great. Which I am really happy! 

Currently, the only time where I have a pimple is when my period is coming and it doesn't come full blown, but just one or two near the T zone area. 

Price : 50+ SGD 
(I need to double check as is been awhile, Will put the updated version soon) 

The products from KCS 

KCS Acne Skin Care Set
Includes the following below. 

1. Anti-bacterial Acne Cleanser 
2. Clarifying Oil Control Moisturizer 
3. Acne Treatment Gel 
4. Advanced C-Serum High Concentration Vitamin C 
5. SPF 90 Daily UV Defense 

Cost: 288 SGD

This was the first set I bought for them to clear my skin and I would say that it helps a lot. 
The wash was light and foamy and there is a light scent. 
The moisturizer and vitamin C cream was not overly oily on my face and just a bit was enough. 
The Acne gel can stingy when applying on a pimple and is also good to maintain it from breakout. 
The sunscreen is one of my favorite since is SPF 90 and is tinted too. 

I usually use this set in Singapore as the weather is hotter and more humid than Japan. Which means, more sweat and more prone to acne. 

There is also another set that is mainly for Hydrating instead of acne.
Is quite similar to the acne set and the only different is that the cleanser and moisturizer will change to the hydrating version and the acne gel is not included.  There is also the option of including the Triple effect Eye Serum and Anti-aging Revitalizing Serum 

The other products that they are selling is also the 
- Hydrating Makeup Remover 
- Intense Hydrating Repair Cream 
- Rejuvenating Hydro Cleanser 
(Didn't have a photo because I used it finish)

Since I go to Japan and the weather is much colder and dryer, so the doctor recommended me to take up the hydrating set as well to bring over. I have been using the hydrating set when I am in Japan with the acne gel. I will switch to the acne cleanser and moisturizer during summer or when I see any pimple growing. Since they product comes from the same place, is OK to switch when needed. 

The hydrating cleanser is way more lighter and smooth than the acne cleaner and it doesn't foam. After using for a couple a months, I understand why and it doesn't help to cleanse my face while keeping the moisture. 
The Intense hydrating repair cream is thicker and moisturize than the acne series. 
The Makeup Remover is light and doesn't create a lot of foam. I am still using the Histomer Sensitive skin gel when I have it, however recently is has not been in stock so I need an alternative. Their makeup removal does its job and is not harsh to the skin. 

      With my face all clear up from annoying breakout, I felt way less stress in the past few years. Putting on makeup and skincare has been way easier and also I don't really need to use so much filter on my face or photo shop away a pimple. I also gain way more confidence and I don't even care if I go out of the house without any makeup on. I will probably by annoyed with my eye bags soon. However, currently my main concern for my skin is just the pigmentation which is the freckles and my pores which I am still trying to tighten. For those problems, only products can get you so far so I may go for treatments like laser in the near future. If I do, I shall keep my readers update and blog about it if it works! (The doctor told me confidently that it will) 

 Dr Chua is the main practitioner in the clinic and he handles all the consultation and treatment. He is a really good doctor that go straight to the point. The issue of my keloid scar was worse than I thought because is still an active scar. I tried to inject it once, but it didn't really go fully away and he told me that this thing probably won't go away for the time being and adviced me not to inject it anymore and just leave it.
He is also very straight forward and doesn't beat around the bush which is something I feel that a doctor should do. Since being a matter of my skin, I would want to know the full problem and details instead of just sugar coating it or giving half baked replies which happened to me in the other clinic. You can really tell that he loves his job and wishes his patients well! 

If you are interested in visiting KCS Medical Group and consult with Dr Chua, do book an appointment with them. Do take note of the opening hours so that you don't go there disappointed. 

The Location is at 

718 Bedok Reservoir Road 
Singapore 470718 
Tel : 6442 4149 

The current post is based on my experience and all paid on my own expenses. I have no sponsorship or partnership with them and I truly want to share with my readers on this clinic because helped me a lot. 

Monday, 6 March 2017

February Favorite Picks

Is already March!! Keeping up with my monthly pick post and February just flew pass so fast! So it's time for February favorite picks! (You can view January picks here). Still have another month of break in Singapore and then is back to school for the new spring semester. I am already missing the cold weather back there because Singapore is just so hot and humid. Not to mention that it rains so much recently too. Hope everyone is taking care of themselves and don't fall sick. 

Getting back to the post, Here is February Favorite picks! 

LANEIGE Two tone bar 

One of my favorite products is Laneige Two tone shadow and lip bar. I purchased a few last year and I really love how the product is so easy to use. When the Milky way series came out in winter 2016 for the festive season, I was eyeing on their shadow bar immediately. However, I couldn't purchase it because I was in Japan and The nearest store is in Osaka. 
I was lucky that my friend Christy helped me get it in Korea and there was still stock in January. 

She also helped me get the new two tone tint lip bar which was released earlier this year. Since I already have some lip bar, I decided to get No.8 cherry milk as it shows a more darker shade of red. 

The effect of both bars came out really well and I love how you don't need much blending after applying. When used together, it gives a really nice burgundy night look which I have been trying to create. Using this product also cuts my makeup timing into half because is so easy and fast! 

No.1 Milk Way Burgundy → retailing at 25,000₩
No. 8 Cherry Milk → retailing at 23,000₩

As far as I know, Singapore is out of stock for both products

Canmake Tokyo - Glow Twin Color
No. 4 Cherry Blossom Lavender 

Next in line will be Canmake Tokyo Glow Twin Color. 

This was marketed as an eye shadow base and highlighter product. I have been using this as my highlight and finishing touches on my face as it gives a really nice glow at the end. Previously, I was using Daiso nose contour for my finishing touches as the white matt eye shadow was really useful. In this case, the base is more shimmery so it gives an extra sparkle. 

I choose No.4, Cherry blossom lavender as there is a hint of violet and pink in it. When is mix together, it feels more natural for my look. 

Taken from the Canmake website, The direction on how to apply is told from the picture. Usually is recommended to mix to two colors for the face highlight. This highlighter is currently the only one I used and I also bought an extra one to put it back in Singapore. 

Glow Twin Color → Retailing at ¥650

ROHTO Medical - メディクイックH GOLD
Mentholatum Medic. 

For those people who have dandruff or itchy scalp, this product is for you! A product that I found last year and been sticking to it when my scalp flare up when the season changes. Found it at the drugstore near my house and decided to give it a shot. Since summer time in Japan can be quite hot, my scalp and dandruff acted up and it was really bad. After using it for sometime, I found out that this product helped it a lot and also stop me from scratch or touching my hair. 

Now I am back in Singapore and after a 2 weeks, my scalp acted up again. The red patches are back, dry spots, flaky and dry skin. I wanted to go for salon treatment, but I remember I bought one back to Singapore. So here is my review with photos! 

After a few days of applying in the night.

When applied, it gives a really nice icy feeling because of the menthol. The Mediquick H product is also known to have ketaconazole (Very effective anti-fungal) and some amount of steroid cream in it. In this case, is a liquid form which is applied directly to affected area. After applying, slow massage the area and let it do its job.

If you have bad cases of dandruff and itchy scalp, I will recommend this for a quick remedy. Usually after this, I will wash my hair with cold water the next day and carry on with my hair routine. 

Retailing at drugstores in Japan around →  ¥1,200 (without tax) 

Récolte Limited Edition Pink Quilt Sandwich Press 

My favorite buy for kitchen appliances! Récolte marshmallow pink press sand maker! When it was release and saw it on Instagram, I just couldn't resist and really wanted it. I think about it almost every day, thinking if I should get it and was it worth the price. 
Knowing Japan, limited or seasonal products can sell out really fast and also may never come back again. The sandwich press originally came in two colors, beige and red. 

However, these two colors were not as appealing to me as the marshmallow pink one which came out much later. Just look at how they market it! Just cute pastel pink. I couldn't resist after a few months. 

When it came, I just couldn't stop screaming. Just look how cute it is, and is a single press maker. I didn't want to get the normal sandwich press because is usually for 2 sandwiches. So this is just perfect for me in the morning when I am in Japan. All alone, making breakfast for 1. 

It heats really fast and cook really well too. There is no one and off button and is just plug and use. The down side of this, is you need to be really careful of the plug.

Being cute also has it's flaws as I am so careful with it. Cleaning for me takes up more time than usual as I didn't want to damage it. The iron press cannot be removed and washing it needs to be directly from the machine itself. So, I was afraid of cleaning it at first and use only paper towels and a cloth to clean it. I soon realize that is designed pretty well and washing it with water is fine. (You just need to be careful of the circuit on the bottom) 

Other than that... I really love the product and I am trying new recipes and thinking what else I can do with it. Making toast in the morning is faster than ever to me and I usually put it on for a couple of mins while doing other things at the same time. 

I got it off at → ¥4,320
which is much cheaper than → $91.11

That's it for my February favorite picks! Hope you find it interesting and if you have any questions you can also comment or email me~