Hoho Chimek

If you have ever been or heard of Simpang Bedok, one of the most popular place to eat is at Spize for their prata and late night food. However, the area is much more than that and there is a cozy little shop which is tucked in East Village at Bedok which is called Hoho Chimek. This Korean restaurant is something not to miss when you have craving for the typical army stew, chicken wings or ginseng soup. Now there are even more options in Simpang and is not just prata and Malay food anymore. 

This is about my third time here and they change the layout of the place and put up more decorations. With new sofa seats for groups, is the perfect place for a gathering. With Korean music or shows playing behind and a quiet ambiance because of the place itself. 

Is not hard to miss this place as is located next to the supermarket. 

So I got my usual craving of Korean chicken wings when I was back in Singapore and I ate 4 fingers the other day so I didn't want to stick with the usual. I also really want to eat Army stew, but the one in Bugis is usually for 2 or more people. So I decided to drop by here because they have single serving which is just enough for myself and won't make my wallet cry. 

As you can see from the Korean golden pot! This is a Small (single) serving size. They have small, Medium, Large. 
The army stew aka Budae-jigae is filled with ingredients like mushroom, spam, baked beans, noodles and sausages. With all these, I was already full before I can finish up everything.
The soup based is really flavorful and the longer it boils the better it becomes. 

Army Stew aka Budae-jigae - 15SGD 

Another item that is a must get is their chicken wings. Even my friends told me that is absolutely delicious! Since there is a choice to get it separately, I decided to get their chicken combo instead, so that I can get both spicy wings and soy garlic wings.  I love spicy food so naturally I loved the spicy wings, however their soy garlic was just as good which makes is hard to choose a favorite. 

Chicken Combo - 11.50SGD 

Another top seller from this place is the Korean ginseng chicken soup, which is recommended. Since I am not a big fan of ginseng, most comments are coming from Vincent. I did try a bit and it doesn't seem to be overpowering of bitterness and is quite refreshing. The chicken was really tender and it was easy to eat.  Vincent mentions that is the best one he had so far and he literally drink everything up. 

Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup aka Sam Gye Tang - 15 SGD 
After ordering all these, we were filled to the brim! We couldn't even go and buy churros because I was that full. One thing for sure is that I was satisfied and my Korean craving didn't come back till I was back in Kyoto. For sure I know I will be going back for more Korean food here when I am back in Singapore again. 

Note: If you are going there during peak hours, is best to call them as recently I found out that is getting really crowded. 

Hoho Chimek 

430 Upper Changi Road 
East Village #01-45 

Tel : 67021396 

12:00 pm - 10:00pm
Closed on Tuesday  


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