Look Book for February and March

Being back in Singapore for two months made me so fat because of all the food! You can never run away from food in Singapore. There have been just too much good food and a lot of carbs everywhere. 

Anyway, back to the post! I decided to make a compilation of my outfit of the day photos that I usually post them in Instagram. This time because I was in Singapore for the month of February and March, I decided to join them together. (Kinda spend more time at home and other places so sometimes I just don't dress up) Most of my clothes are also in Japan, so you may notice a lot of repeats. I had a hard time cracking my brain for some of my outfits because of the lack of choices I had. 

Is spring season in Kyoto right now and I'm so going to love it because the weather is just nice for many outfits! No more thick coats, but is still chilly enough for a light jacket. Can't wait to go Hanami too! Hopefully the rain doesn't make all the Sakura fall off.  

Feminine / Sweet   

Dress : Monlily 
Choker : Lattice Lessignesで販売中 
Belt : off brand from Thailand 
Specs : alook

Top : Cotton On 
Skirt : Uniqlo 
Shoe : 夢展望
Choker : Lattice Lessignesで販売中 
Spec : alook

Dress : Candy Rain 
Shoes : Liz Lisa 
Spec : alook 

Top : Liz Lisa 
One piece : Axes Femme 

Top : Liz Lisa 
One piece : Axes Femme 
Shoes : Liz Lisa 


Top : Beshka 
Skirt : Off Brand 
Shoes : 夢展望  
Spec: alook

Top : stradivarius
Skirt : GU 
Shoes : stradivarius 
Socks : tutuanna 
Jacket : Sadly is my sisters. and there is no tag.. and she is not telling me where she got it from. 

Top : 夢展望
Skirt : GU
Shoes : DreamV 

Pink top : Stradivarius 
Inner top and skirt : offbrand 
Outer coat : Rebel Chic 
Shoes : Adidas NMD 

Top : Forever 21 
Skirt : Off brand 
Bag : Samantha Vega 

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Top : Cotton On 
Skirt : Cotton On 

Thanks For viewing and Hope you like it!~


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