March and April Favorite Picks

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of update last month, school just reopens and it has been a busy month. So I decided to combine the two months so that is easier and also I have more things to show!!

In my March and April favorite picks will include items from Korea, since I went there in mid April because of a friend's wedding! It was makeup heaven!! So this post will be mainly on makeup and all my makeup that I recommend for these two months.

Love Liner Color Collection 

Burgundy BrownPink Brown 

I always wanted to try a love liner color liner, but it was sold out last year when it was released for Christmas. I couldn't get my hands on it at all! However, they just release a whole line of color collection eyeliner for spring and summer and the colors are just to die for! 

Obviously I went for the pink one because I am not as daring to go for green or blue. The pink eyeliners is not baby or pastel-ish like eye shadow, but have a darker tone. Which gives a softer feel when applied. 

You can either use it as an eye shadow or a soft eyeliner feel like brown eyeliner. Using it as an eye shadow is a good idea because it is waterproof which made its long lasting. 

Love Liner Color Collection - ¥1,600 w/o tax each. 


Sparkling Eye Gloss Smoky Pink - 04  

A based cream eye shadow which is really good for setting makeup, for a base or just a normal eye shadow used. 
It dries really fast and is not as wet as some other product. It is also smooth and holds really well which makes it really easy to blend. 

My favorite point is that is comes in a lip gloss bottle which is really easy to use and carry around. Those that are in a jar is so hard to use once you are 50% in. 

Sparkling Eye Gloss - ¥900 w/o Tax 

Etude House 

Play 101 Stick - Pink and Purple 

After watching Pony's makeup video, I decided to buy this play 101 color correction stick to improve on my based makeup. Managed to get my hands on it when I was in Korea and I would say it was a good buy! 

This product which is meant to color correct some area of the skin to brighten up the face is used like the picture below. 

Pink - Asian people who usually have a lighter skin tone use pink for their dark eye circles. It can also brighten up the T zone area. 

Purple - Use to brighten up a dull area on the skin. Mainly used to against yellow undertones to brighten the skin up.  

This product is really useful not only on normal days, but when days your skin tends to flare up for no reason at all. When the cold season come and some time my skin just has mood swings, it is a really good tool to brighten my skin. 

Play 101 Stick - Retailling at 24 SGD / ₩12,000 

Etude House
Play Color Eyes - Cherry Blossom (2017 edition) 

First saw this on Instagram where they were promoting etude house new play color eyes pallet and it was for the spring season. One look at it and I know I had to get it. I always wanted their coffee series or ice cream series, however I never really got myself to buy it. Lucky for me, I manage to grab one when I was in Korea! 

Since pink never go out of style and is used in many seasons. I feel that this item is just so justified since I got so much more colors to play with. 

The eye shadows are really pigmented and are able to hold for more than 12 hours. One of the best point is that there is a mixture of matte and shimmer eye shadows. 

Play Color Eye - Cheery Blossom - Retailing at ₩22,000

3CE StyleNanda  

Pink Kabuki Brush 

Needed a Kabuki brush in Japan, so I decided to get it in Korea. I almost bought the Innisfree brush, but 3CE Caught my eye and I decided to get it from there. One reason : PINK! 
And it is really smooth that is comparable to Innisfree. The next reason is that it is much cheaper than Innisfree Kabuki brush. 

This brush is just perfect for putting loose / press powder for the finishing touches for my base makeup. 

Pink Kabuki Brush - Retailing at 11 SGD 


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