Summer Nails 2017

Summer is approaching and is time for a summer nail inspiration!

The sun is up and spring is going to be over soon, that means it's time to head to the beach and everything sailor, beach and sea theme is going to be everywhere. (Or already is everywhere)

Went back to Sarina to do my nails because I needed beautiful nails for my best friend Cassandra wedding~ Decided to go for the beach theme because summer is approaching and usually gelish can last till a month or more.


As usual, went for a pastel rainbow feel with beach theme stickers. Sarina had many different stickers to choose from and I was ecstatically going through everything!  Decided to go for some seashells and starfish with inspiring words. She also had many pastel glitter to choose from which you won't find in Singapore! 
In the end, the result was alluring with a matte finish. Truly the larmekei feel that I wanted. 

Up next is the recommendation or idea section! These pictures that I took from Instagram, is what I feel that will fit Larmekei for the summer theme this year! The trend this year is either soft pastel or striking colors. Both will give a different feel, but it fits the summer theme perfectly. Gems and jewels are also a big hit to give a crystal, shiny, glimmering feeling. 
*Point: Gold is a great to bring the colors together or to make it stand out~ 

All credit and rights belong to the respective owners in the Instagram pictures. 

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