Look Book for May (Spring)

May has passed and is JUNE!!! and that means is going to be summer in Japan and it is getting really hot. (ugh) So for this post, it will be May issue look book and it will still be in the spring. The Next look book will be summer inspired! (And probably with shorter skirts) 

I noticed that if I dress up almost everyday for school, I will have around 14 coordination each month, Since I don't have school on Friday. Hopefully to keep that up! Is just so fun trying to find new coordination style for my current clothes. 

I also have recently been trying to practice my hair styling. I manage to pin up a bun recently and to me it was an achievement! Going to do more when I have the time (or if I wake up early) instead of just keep on using the normal style that I know. Japan has a lot of magazine and books that teaches how to do cute hairstyles and I really want to try them! 

For people in Singapore and neighboring countries, I have created a Facebook Group for Larme-Kei lovers or for people who are interested in the fashion! 
Check it out here


Top: F.int 
Skirt : Axes Femme  
Shoes : Adidas NMD 
Socks: Tutu Anna 
Spec : Alook 

Top: Off brand 
One Piece : Axes Femme (Little mermaid series) 

Top : DreamV 夢展望  
Skirt : Axes Femme  
Specs : Alook

Top : Off Brand 
OP : (Need to check again)
Socks : Tutu Anna 
Shoes : Adidas NMD   
Specs : Alook


Top : Off brand from Taobao (Sorry I forgot and there is no tab)   
Skirt : CandyRain 

Inner Top : F.int 
Outer Top : Tralala
Skirt : Laura Ashley 


Top : Axes Femme   
Skirt : Mon Lily  
Wedges : DreamV 夢展望  

Top : Off Brand 
One Piece : Axes Femme  
Laptop Case : Typo 

Top : F.int 
Skirt : Earth Music and Ecology 



Dress: Mon lily 
Outer : Off Brand   
Socks : Tabio 
Heels : Jelly Bean shoes 

Top : Mon lily  
Skirt : Ank Rouge   
Sandals : Mayla Classic 

Top : Cotton On   
Skirt : Off brand 
  Wedges and Bag : DreamV 夢展望  
Headband : Lattice Lessignes 
Specs : Alook

Top : H&M 
Skirt : Browny   
Sandals : Mayla Classic 


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