Terrance : Sweet & Meal (Kyoto-shi)

On the streets of  Shinkyogoku in Kyoto, there is a shop called Terrace that open not too long ago. I always thought it was a cafe that sells pancakes, but I was wrong when I tried it out myself. 
The place is decorated like a cozy hut which has many leaves. cushion, flowers and birds which give a really relaxing feeling. Great place to hang out with the girls and chat! 

The place is surprisingly big as there is 2 stories and there is even party size table! 

So what is Terrance?

Image from their webpage for reference

From a glance, it looks like a stack of pancakes!!! However, it is not, but I can say is rather close to one. It is basically a giant french toast! Yup! That thing is a french toast!! It says to be their specialty and it can't be made at home because of the special log bread. 

So I order the Premium Terrance which is their original and best seller. I also topped it up to make it a drink set. 
Fresh toast and Tea, one of the best combinations. 

When it came, I was amazed at how it looks. I still thought that it was a stack of pancakes. Having the toast looks like a log instead of a block and have rings and layers really make the illusion of a pancake. To top it off with butter, powder sugar and a side of maple syrup, it just like what I expected of pancakes. 

But I was fooled when I cut into it, and to my surprise it was a toast that was soft and gooey in the inside. I was shock and amaze! This was a french toast, it really is! When I took my first bite, it was heavenly. Everything just comes together and it was so right. Like this was a perfect creation for french toast and I didn't want to see another square french toast anymore. Since this makes more sense right? A tower french toast with the middle have both toast, egg battered and butter. Outside was toasted, crispy with a hint of caramelize butter and sugar while the inside is just soft, with a little bit of salty and sweet. How can this go wrong?!? 

One thing I did wrong was not getting whipped cream on the side!
Word of advice: get the whipped cream or ice cream if you don't mind the calories.

Even thought the Terrance french toast looks small in photos, it quite filling and usually is shared between two people. (Great for a date! or sharing with your girl friends.) If you love carbs and usually eat more than 3 - 4 toast for breakfast. Then this will be just nice for you. Even for me, I left about 1/4 left as it was too much for me even thought it was really good. 

       The next time I go back to Terrance, I would want to bring Vincent along or one of my friends and try out their savory Terrance which is really popular! Their egg Benedict is their next best dish after the premium Terrance, so if you are looking for something on the savory side... Do try their Egg Benedict DX. 

Image from their webpage for reference

〒604-8035 京都市中京区新京極通三条下る桜之町406-3

Tel :
050-5590-0867 (Reservation only)
075-212-3633 (Inquiries)

Monday - Sunday
11:00 am - 9:00 pm (Last Order 8.30 pm)


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