A tribute to my Grand Pa, Baba Jolly Wee

On 16th of August 2017, my beloved Grand father passed away peacefully with love ones by his side. 

This blog post is dedicated to one of the most amazing person in my life and I will never ever forget him. 

As posted on my Facebook, this is the message to him. 

Yesterday at 8:45pm, My grandpa had passed away peacefully.

To my grandpa, Mr Jolly Wee.
You will always be a part of me no matter what. During your final moments, I was glad you were still able to recognize me. I always look up to you and wanted to learn all your recipes. The recipe that you gave me years ago is still with me and will always be my treasure from you as it was handwritten.
I promise to learn your Peranakan dishes so that the next generation can try your cooking as it will always be the best to me. I will always remember what you told me that cooking is from the heart and that everyone cooks differently.
I am sure you are with grandma now in heaven. We will always miss you but I know you will always be at our side.

If anyone wants to pay respect to one of the greatest Peranakan Chef in Singapore. I will post the details later on his wake. I am truly amaze at what my grandpa did for the Peranakan food culture and I am always proud of him.

When I saw my grandpa passed away, I knew he wouldn't want me to be sad, but instead I know I should be doing something to make him proud of me instead. I'm always passionate about food and wanted to learn more about cooking. Peranakan food to me is something from the heart and soul that I grew up with and I want to pass it down to many generations.

From the bottom of my heart, I was blessed to be one of your grandchildren and inherent the cheerful and happy part of you. 


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