Going for a change~

School is over and I finally submit my final report for one of my classes today! Now is officially summer break and I can't wait to party. I'm going back to Singapore soon, because I want to run away from this heat and humid in Japan. (Not like Singapore is any better)

So I have been thinking.. I'm probably going to change my layout again. Been sometime since I played with HTML coding and blogger! I wanted to change to word press but I feel is such a hassle since most of my blog post are already here. So I shall just keep to Blogger for now. I really hope google will update blogger and make it even better in the future! 
Note : If you suddenly came here and you notice that everything is a mess and is not looking like it should be. Then that means Im playing around with the code and struggle to make things works but I can't. 

Sorry that I have no been blogging but I have been actively on Google maps, writing reviews for many places I went! I may be linking them to my blog too and vice verse as I really want to share with everyone the awesome places that I found!


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