The Pancake Room (Kyoto-shi, Kitayama)

Just about 5 minutes walk from Kitayama Station, in one of the smaller streets lies a cozy Hawaiian cafe - The Pancake Room 

Found this shop by chance when I was in the area with my bicycle and I wanted to take a break. Even thought is not on the main street, there were still crowd and even a waiting list when I got there. 

By using decoration like the surfboard, wooden flooring, and a table with umbrella makes it looks like looks like a beach hut. The interior gives a really cozy vibe that makes you think that you are near the ocean instead of the mountains. 

With around 5 tables and counter sittings, it can probably sit a handful of people. When is too crowded, take out option is also possible. In the back of the cafe, there is also a sofa seating area which makes it feels really homely.

Photo by Jetsail

Even though is called the pancake room, other food options were available; Like Acai Bowl, egg Benedict and sandwiches. However, what caught my eye was the pancakes and that is what I came for! 

So I order the most common pancake - Choco Banana Pancake. (850¥) 

When my pancake was placed in front of me, I was stunned by the presentation of it. The beautiful pastel pink plate with 2 fluffy pancakes, topped off with a vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce and powdered sugar. With the banana that was cut in such a pretty manner that surrounds the whipped cream. I just couldn't stop grinning.

I just wanted to dig straight into it! 

Their pancakes is not like the souffle pancake that is trending right now, but it has a nice fluff into it. The pancake itself is the star and the others compliment it so well. It was really both fluffy and moist, yet the flavor just comes in so nicely. I totally enjoy my meal there. 

I cannot wait to go to their other outlet which is in Kyoto Tower and try their special Kyoto Pancake! I will be bringing Vincent there because he loves green tea and see what is his opinions for this special pancake. 

Taken from Pancake Room Kyoto Facebook

603-8053 Kyoto, Japan

+81 75 703 1025 

Monday - Friday 
11:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday 
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Closed on Wednesday. 


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