Look Book for August 2017 (Summer and Singapore)

Summer break in Singapore

Is always summer in Singapore and I still can't stand the heat. Really hate it. 
(The humid... the heat.. and the sweat)  
I so want to wear my layers and have fun with coats and jacket. Cannot wait to go back to Japan in October and it will be fall very soon!  

One thing I cannot believe is that is already September! Just 4 more month till the new year.. Time is really flying fast!! And that fact is really hitting me hard. I am going to fully enjoy the cold seasons in Japan before I graduate. 
Sometime I just wish that Singapore have the cold seasons too 😢! 

Time for August look book! Less coordination this time because I don't dress up for school every day. You may realize that there are many repeated clothes. Trying to coordinate with what I have here while my main wardrobe is in Japan. 

For people in Singapore and neighboring countries, I have created a Facebook Group for Larme-Kei lovers or for people who are interested in the fashion!   


Top : F.int
Outer Top : Earth Music and Ecology 
Skirt : BoBon21 
Sandals : DreamV 夢展望   
Bag : Liz Lisa 

Dress : CandyRain 

Dress : Candy Rain 
Sandals : Mayla Classic 

Rocking the Demin 

Top: off brand  
Outer Top : Earth Music and Ecology 

Skirt : BoBon21
Sandals : Liz Lisa 

Dress : DreamV 夢展望  
Outer Jacket : GU
Belt : Off brand
Specs : Alook  

Dress : Lowrys Farm  
Outer Top : Earth Music and Ecology 

Sandals : Mayla Classic 

Bag : Charles and Keith 

Just being Casual

Top : Earth Music and Ecology 
Skirt : Off Brand 

Top : Bershka 
Shorts : Off Brand 
Cardigan : Lowrys Farm 

Dress : DreamV 夢展望 
Belt : Taobao 
Sandals : Mayla Classic 

Top : Off brand 
outer dress : Off brand from Thailand 
Belt : Taobao 
Sandals : DMK  
Spec : A look


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