Lush Face and body Scrub vs SABON Face Polisher

I haven been back in Singapore for more than a month and one thing I really miss is my Sabon Face polisher back in Japan. 
Finding a good face scrub is hard, since is is for the face, there are so many things to reconsider.
My face is well known for being sensitive and combination skin. I cannot use many products off the shelves and also it can be really dry or oily, depending on the weather. 
This usually makes me stay with one product once I know it works for my skin. 

So this time I'm comparing Lush and Sabon in term of face scrub. 

So lets start with... 

           I love the Lush lip scrub which I used it back in Japan, so this time I wanted to find a face scrub and not just for my lips. Lush recommended me to use Ocean salt as it was for the face and body. I also had a feeling that I didn't have any other choice because the shop was small, and that the only product for face scrub. 

I tried both self-preserving and normal ocean salt at the store and decided to buy the self-preserving one because of longer shelve life. The self-preserving Ocean Salt difference is that the limes used for the scrub are soaked in vodka, grapefruit juice and then mix with avocado butter and sea salt. 

The texture feels mushy and is not as solid like other scrub. (some what like a thick smoothie) The sea salt and butter composition felt around 20/80 and when using it, it doesn't feel like I just took a spoon full of salt and rubbing it to my skin. However, with the amount of salt content inside, it does still feel like a scrub and a mask. 

Overall the smell of this product smells really refreshing because of the lime and a hint of vodka. I doubt anyone will get drunk from smelly this. What is good is that this product can be used as a body scrub and not just for the face. 2 functions in one! Why not? 

120 ml - 31 SGD 
250 ml - 58 SGD 

Next is.. 

Been using Sabon for quite a bit now and most of my products are in Japan. You can check my other post on Sabon here

    This time the headline will be on the face polisher. I already did use the normal face polisher but I didn't take a photo because is in Japan. I will be focusing more on the fruit face polisher which is a newer product. 

Comparing this to LUSH ocean salt, the consistency of this face mask is way more watery. It almost looks like brown gravy from far, but the smells heavenly. A strong fruity fragrance which is more on the sweet side than citrus. Mostly coming from the pomegranate seeds that they use to make this product.  

Instead of using sugar or salt for the scrub, it is marketed to have used natural ocean plants, olive husk and diatomaceous earth. the texture when used feels close to sugar but a more refine gentle feeling. 

200 ml - 54 SGD 

So which one will I choose?

 Is like choosing a sweet that is either Sweet or Sour.

But in this case. I will pick Sabon! Why??
Is because of the result after I used it.   
Both products are good and is all natural, a plus point for that!

While both have its perks and the aftermath of usage result in beautiful smooth skin. I use way more product from Lush at one use than Sabon.

When using a face scrub I want to to be evenly scrubbed on my face as well as the neck. The salt content is low so i tend to feel I needed more, but the butter in the mixture is a good for moisturizing. While for Sabon, just one time usage felt that it can cover my whole face and neck due to the watery texture. I thought it would be the opposite and need to use more, but it feels more like soap.

So which one will you choose? Have you tried any of these products before? 
Do tell me what you think, as everyone have different preferences! 


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