Why I decided to choose my own engagement ring.

As the title mention, yes, I choose my own engagement ring and I don't feel any wrong in that. To cut it short, getting your own engagement ring with your partner is totally fine and in fact is better! Why would I want a ring that I probably won't like or fit just because it was a surprise? I would rather have a ring that I loved then be "alright, I will just live with this". This post is why I decided to choose my own ring instead of having the element of surprise. 

Many people I know till today thinks that Engagement rings should be a surprise and bought by your other half. But honestly, unless that person is a Psychic, getting a ring that is 100% what you want will be striking lottery. That's why many times girls like to hint or out right tell their boyfriends what they like or suit them. One thing I will always tell my friends is my experience. Buying a ring is not an easy task! A ring that you may be attracted to and wearing it on your finger can make a big difference. Is the same as choosing an outfit. 

Here is what happened to me. 

I really love Samantha Tiara rings and I was eyeing on one for quite some time when they release their Disney collection. 

This beautiful Rapunzel inspired ring from them was one of my favorite, is just so gorgeous and I really wanted it. However, I found out that this ring was pretty much sold out everywhere after the release because is a fashion ring and everything is gone when is pretty in Japan if you go late. So I didn't get to try it. 

Samantha Tiara then came out with Disney bridal engagement rings in 2016 and there was Cinderella, Belle and Rapunzel inspired rings. I was really excited and one day when Vincent came over for my birthday, we went together with my friends to go and check it out. I tried on the second one on the top which is supposed to be Rapunzel tiara. 

As pretty as it looks, It looks weird on me. I felt that I was wearing a brass knuckle! It really looks like I can hurt someone with it because of the shape of it. (OH NO!) This was a lesson that I really need to try on rings before buying it just for its design. Imagine I told Vincent I like the ring even before trying it and surprise me with it only to find out that it doesn't even fit me in the first place? 

We went around Singapore too and one of the rings we initially wanted was from Venus Tears which came to Singapore a few years back. One of the rings that caught my eye was 'La distance' because of the design and the pink diamond. We went into the shop and went to ask the details and price about it. It ended with both of us walking out of the shop and faster running away from it because what we just heard was pricey AF!  

The price that you see in the photo above is just for the design and metal used, so do take note that you still need to add the price of every diamond in the picture. 

Why are diamonds so expensive when they do not have a resale value? The market created for it is a total scam! Many times when I pass by jewelry shops and seeing them putting the price of  diamonds, I always think is too expensive for that rock. If you like it, then by all means get one and be happy with it. I just feel that people shouldn't get it because is a must or need in a ring. Don't feel obligated to get it, get it if you truly love it! (like your birthstone) 

With the power of Instagram, I came across a Japanese brand named Bizoux and found their designs really beautiful and cute! Their focus is more on rare gemstones and Birthstones. So I decided to check out their webpage and found out that they were opening a store in Osaka on July 2017! (YAY!!)  

It was sad that Vincent couldn't come along, but we saw the webpage together and I took a lot of photos for him. So I ended up going with my beloved friend Miki.  

At first, I was really fixated on getting either a pink colour diamond or our birthstone. However.. I didn't like December Birthstones at all.. and it didn't match the purpose of an engagement ring. So Miki suggested that I just try everything that caught my eye. The staff was really patient and sweet! She was telling us what are the gems and how different it is and which were the popular one or will be suitable. 

When choosing a gemstone, I didn't know I needed to look at my skin tone and take into consideration that it will alter the feel and look of it. I first tried on my favorite colour which is pink. Garnet, Sapphire, Tanzania in Sakura colour and in neon pink, Ametrin, Morganite, Violet spinel and Rose quartz. I even tried on a moonstone for the lulz. All of them doesn't feel right when I wore it. It looks like it was blending into my skin and it was not bringing it out its brilliance. Even though I really wanted a pink gemstone, Vincent said that it doesn't look good on me at all, so I should choose something else. 
From left to right - Rubellight, Violet spinel, Imperial Topaz, Moonstone
Imperial Topaz 

I then decided to try on the next best colour which is the blues~ Aquamarine, Tanzanite, Blue Garnet, Blue Apatite, Benitoite, Blue Sapphire and Paraiba tourmaline. The blue colours surprisingly came out really nicely and it matches my skin tone really well. (Maybe that's why my birthstone is blue? haha) 

Paraiba Tourmaline, Blue Apatite, Benitoite
From left to Right -  Blue Garnet, Paraiba Tourmaline, Tanzanite,
Blue Apatite, Maria Aquamarine
Miki and Vincent were saying how it looks really good on me and the gemstone was giving out its usual brilliance or even more. However, I was caught in between the 2 rings! One that featured the Blue Apatite and the other was the Paraiba tourmaline. It was a tough choice! But the deciding factor was the price as the Paraiba tourmaline cost 4 times more! It was a rare gemstone from Brazil and I felt that we both can use the money for our wedding band instead.

Blue Apatite 
Paraiba Tourmaline
So there you have it! My engagement ring experience. I am wearing my beautiful Blue Apatite ring now and every time I look at it, I feel really happy because is a symbol of both of us! The fact that I went to choose my ring didn't lose any meaning of it. He proposed to me with it and placed it on my finger. 

Sorry for the long blog post, but I do hope that my experience will help couples out there. I believe that we are in the modern era now and many things are changing. Good luck and have a fun time choosing your ring! 


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