Working towards a new chapter in my life

It is time to work towards the next chapter in my life. 
(Wahaha I am posting this on the New year) 
As mentioned in my previous post, one of the biggest thing that happened to me this year is getting engaged to Vincent. One of the events I somehow always dream off because of all the Korean drama and Shōjo manga I read. (I always scream and do flutter kicks when I cannot control myself) 

Many people were talking about how in Singapore, proposal and engagement is usually killed by the event when both of you go and Build to order flat aka a home (BTO). As the excitement and surprise is all ruin, since you know that he is going to do it sooner or later. I, too, though that it will happen to me, the feeling that I won't be as excited because I already got my BTO and there is no surprise. 

I would say that whatever your other half do, if you truly love them, everything is a surprise and excitement.

As the days go by and the new year has already arrived, both of us started planning for our wedding and future. Felt like I was waiting for this day to come as I really like to plan things. Time to go to all those bridal fairs and shop to get a feel of it and then complain to each other about how expensive this damn industry is. 

This is definitely one of the biggest events of our lives and I am so totally going to blog and video about it! Cannot wait to document everything for the memories! 💞


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