Cardcaptor Sakura Cafe in Osaka Animate Cafe

Happy Birthday Sakura-chan!!! 

This post is dedicated to Sakura as her birthday is 1st April! 

So happy that I manage to go to the Cardcaptor Sakura cafe in Osaka with Sonya. We really wanted to go and we were lucky that there were still some slots left. The slots for 1st and 2nd April was all taken because of Sakura birthday and there are extra things on the menu. The cafe is until May 15, so if you want to go, please do book your reservation here. Do note that there are 3 locations that have the CCS cafe! 

Animate cafe is well known to have many collaborations with "good-smile co" and a lot of other anime to come out with limited time only cafe events and merchandise. The place was decorated with many posters, screen shots, drawings and standees! Incoming spam of the decorations and standees!! (Sorry that some of the photos were blurred 

Sonya and I order the same drink and a main dish! That led up to four coasters! Note: Every dish or drink you ordered will come with one coaster!
 All coasters are random and you can't choose it. 

For memory's sake, here are the original pictures from the website and menu! 

Clear Card Lychee Soda 

Sakura's Mellow Beef Stew with bread! 

Kero-Chan hamburger plate! 

The coasters that comes with every order. 

Thanks Kenneth for buying this for me too in exchange of the coaster and the bookmark! It was really good!!! 

Chiharu's rare cheesecake! (Comes with a bookmark) 

The thing about many anime cafe is that most of the time you can try the food that appear in the anime or food that reflects the character. The food was good and you is not just cheap microwave stuff. My beef stew was really tender and you can taste the miso in it! Totally reminded me of the episode in which it appeared. I really wanted to get the Sakura Bento which is ¥2500, but is too steep for me. (You will get the Bento as a souvenir)

The cafe also has props for you to take pictures with, like this card! There are also coloring books, and other stuff around. Do remember that there are rules that you need to follow in the cafe. The staff will present you the rules before taking your order. (Don't worry, there is English and Chinese translation too!) While you can't sell your merchandise or coaster to other people in the cafe, tradings are allowed. 

One of the main highlights is the merchandise that is only available in the cafe! While most of their items are random; like the key chain and badges, there are other items which sell on its own. I bought the folder for the memories!~ 

Overall, the cafe was really fun and you can see that is mostly adults were the one attending it! To relive our childhood!! Even thought the price for some of the food may be really pricey, like the drinks. Do note that you cannot get this experience elsewhere unless you try to do it yourself. Hope you guys like this post and manage to go down to the CCS cafe if you cafe!  


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