Look Book for February and March 2018 (Singapore and Spring)

Is in the middle of spring now in Japan, but sometimes it just feels like winter! I have no idea what's wrong with the weather!! One day it can be really cold that I need my winter jacket and the next thing I know is hot again. Well, that said.. many of you will probably know that this year, the Sakura flowers bloom really early!! It was at least one and a half weeks earlier than last year and we were totally blessed by the weather as there was not many rainy days!! 

Not as much coordination this time round because I was busy in Singapore and didn't have much time to take photos. (sadly) However, things are going to change because I bought a new camera from the IT fair in Singapore and now I do not need Vincent to help me take my OOTD shots anymore!!! Vincent is also really happy because he doesn't need to be an Instagram boyfriend and take hundreds of photos for me. So here are the photos taken without my "new boyfriend" because I got it in the last week of my holidays. 

So here is my Feb and Mar Lookbook!! Hope you like it~ and if you have any questions you can ask in the comment section. 

Top : Monlily 夢展望 
Skirt and belt : offbrand 
Wedges : DreamV
Bag : Samantha Thavasa 
Hair accessory : Baby the star shine bright

Top and wedges : DreamV 夢展望 
Skirt : Liz lisa
Bag : Samantha Vega

Dress : Candy Rain 
Wedges : DreamV 夢展望 

Top : Hypen World Gallery 
Skirt  : Candy Rain
Wedges : DreamV 夢展望 

Top : Off brand 
Pants and wedges : DreamV 夢展望 
Jacket : Liz Lisa 

Jacket : Liz Lisa 
Top : Fint 
Skirt : GU 
Socks : Tutu Anna 
Shoes : Adidas NMD 
Bag : Samantha Thavasa 

Top & Dress: Axess Femme 
Bag : Samantha Vega 
Sandals: DreamV 夢展望 

Top, skirt and Wedges : DreamV 夢展望 
Bag : Samantha Thavasa
Belt : Off brand 

Dress : Candyrain 
Wedges : DreamV 夢展望 

One piece Dress : Liz Lisa 

Top : Cotton On 
Skirt : DreamV 夢展望 
Heels : Liz Lisa 

Top : Candy Rain 
Skirt  and belt : Off Brand 
Wedges : DreamV 夢展望 
Bag : Samantha Vega 

Top : Off brand 
Skirt  : GU 
Jacket : Earth Music and ecology 
Heels : DMK Shoes 

Top : Off brand 
Pants :  DreamV 夢展望 
Shoes : Adidas NMD 
Bag : Samantha Thavasa 

Top : MonLily 夢展望 
Collar piece : Dear My love 夢展望 
OP and Belt : Off brand 
Wedges : DMK Shoes 

Top : H&M 
Skirt and Belt : Off brand 
Wedges : DMK Shoes 
Bag : Forever 21 
Spec : Alook 


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