My Bedroom tour in Kyoto, Japan!

After 3 years in Japan and procrastinating every single day, I finally manage to take a video and edit it! Many of my friends have been asking me about my room and say I should do a tour or take pictures. So I decided to do a video because is way easier! 

My room is constantly on an upgrade, (Which is not good for me) because I am trying to make my idea room which I always wanted but couldn't have. This is a bad thing right now because I am moving back to my home country in a year time and I am already thinking how am I going to bring all my wonderful stuff back. 

My apartment is a 1LDK setting and I am only showing you the room in this video. I will be taking the rest of my house soon, once I tidy it and have time! So wait for it!! 

If you have any questions about my room or where do I get some things, do not be hesitant to ask!  


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